Thanks to the Giving Tree and all the kind donations the magic of Christmas is alive and real for our clients! It really warms their hearts that a stranger would care to give to them so kindly, it teaches them there are good people in our community that care for others. We are so grateful for the amazing gifts our clients receive from the selfless people that donate to the Giving Tree! Thank you for keeping the magic of Christmas alive!

Director of Residential Services

Creative Living Services

Being involved with Giving Tree is the right thing to do. I love having the opportunity to get involved in the lives of those who are in need, especially those with autism and other disabilities. Our church wants to show the love of Jesus to everyone, so we jumped at the chance to do just that with Giving Tree. It was a wonderful experience, incredibly touching and important to be part of.


Women’s Guild at Our Lady of the Lake

We are humbled by the support and generosity that you have shown to the individuals we support to live successfully in the community. We are happy to say that every person enjoyed and appreciated every gift they received for the holidays. Thank you for providing a gift for  those who might otherwise have not had anything to unwrap this holiday season. A big thank you to your team and everyone else who helped make this happen. 

Chief Executive Officer

Alpha Supported Living Services

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